About K7POF

I have been a Ham since 1961 holding the call of KN7POF until I got my General license in 1962 when the N was dropped. I held K7POF till it was changed to W6BTV in 1965. In 1977 I got the K7POF call back and have held that one since. Linda and I also hold the W6BTV call as the club call of the "Chino Valley Vintage Radio Club". In 2005 I met Linda who became KE7HWB in 2006 and later changed to W7POF. Pictures of our ham wedding are on this website under 2008 Caliche Caper Wedding. Pastor KF7GC Tomy Ivan, Best Man W7FSX Gene Harrelson, Maid of Honor Bonnie Harrelson. The wedding was held at our QTH in Chino Valley Arizona during the 8th annual Caliche Caper October 5, 2008 and was a complete surprise to most of the hams attending. 73 Bob Sitterley K7POF and Linda Sitterley W7POF



What’s left of the treasures of the late WA7EDH must go.


Transformers, coax, capacitors, power resistors, and miscellaneous.

For further information contact Bob K7POF 928-636-2146

This is all at my home in Chino Valley

Bob Sitterley K7POF